Monday, September 17, 2007

North County Residents Express Concerns Over Trash Proposal

The first of three meetings sponsored by St. Louis County was held this past Wednesday, September 12 at Hazelwood Central in North County. There were approximately 100+ in attendance.

There was some discussion by those present at a recent meeting with the majority wanting the Trustees to investigate the possibility of Paddock Forest opting out of the County Trash District concept and getting a Waste Company to serve Paddock Forest. Some of the concerns expressed included:

~ Once you are in the program you cannot get out - but if you opt out at the beginning you can always get in at a later time.

~ Concern was expressed about how with any new program there are bugs and it would be better to have them worked out if we are unsatisfied with service offered by an alternative provider we could always opt in at a later date.

~Concern was expressed about the mega service providers who may come in with a low-ball bid to get the contract and then escalate the cost similar to what was done with the sole provider for cable television.

~Concern was expressed about not being able to have the personal service a smaller, local provider could provide.

~Concern was expressed regarding Customer Service from the mega companies, being put on hold forever and being disconnected.

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