Saturday, September 15, 2007

Easy Solution to County Trash Pick-up Proposal

County officials propose to divide unincorporated areas of St. Louis County into eight to 10 waste-hauling districts and assign one trash hauler to each district. All one- and two-family homes would be guaranteed a minimum level of trash service, including recycling, once-a-week pickup and twice-yearly bulk pickups.

Many country residents are up in arms against the proposal. Excluding the excessive number of trash hauling trucks in many subdivisions, they are satisfied with the current levels of service.

Most feel costs will rise substantially. Many south county residents surveyed now pay $10-$12 per month for a weekly pick-up. Projected costs being discussed are upwards to $20 per month, an increase of over 80%.

One South County subdivision has 87 homes of which 53 use a common carrier. The remaining 34 use three other carriers, thus four different companies are in the subdivision twice a week.

Here’s a very simple solution – not only for this subdivision – but for all others in unincorporated areas.

1. St. Louis County should require all subdivision associations to register with the County.

a. This will help to identity just how many groups and trustees are in the county. Right now, it’s questionable if the county even knows.

2. The County should pass a requirement that all registered subdivisions use a common carrier and specify the levels of service.

a. This allows local subdivision residents to select their own carrier.

b. Current trash rates would apply.

c. Residents not complying would be subject to current subdivision and/or county penalties.

d. Subdivisions could continue to negotiate with their carrier for competitive rates and may include or exclude the trash fees from their annual assessment.

3. For St. Louis County residents who are not a part of a subdivision, the county can assign a trash carrier to provide their service.

A three-point plan. Pretty simple. Cut and dry. What are we missing here?

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  1. I just got railroaded by our subdivision in West County. They forced us to choose either the county forever or not be in their system. Al of this within 2 days. I think it was a rigged election because once the county gets control of a service they will become like Laclede Gas and charge whatever they like and if you have complaints you can go nowhere else. I think our trustees were paid off!! Please stop this kind of vicious action St. Louis County. We now know you are crooks of the worst kind.