Sunday, September 02, 2007

Does St. Louis County Do a Good Job Helping Trustees?

We recently did a quickie, non-scientific survey asking the question, “Do you feel St. Louis County is doing a good job in helping trustees maintain the general appearance of their subdivisions?” We provided three answers of YES, NO and NO OPINION.

Nineteen trustees took time to respond. Ten (52%) said “Yes” while eight (42%) said “No.” One person said “No Opinion” (5%).

While the majority was supportive of the efforts of St. Louis County, 4 out of 10 trustees do not. Not a good record. Maybe St. Louis County officials are aware of this and that’s why they recently undertook a series of meetings to connect back with trustees. Or maybe they were just getting ready to do battle regarding the county wide trash pick-up proposal. County officials need to be much more proactive regarding subdivision needs rather than reactive.

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