Saturday, September 22, 2007

Comments Received at St. Louis County’s Second Meeting

A second meeting in West County sponsored by St. Louis County was held this past Wednesday, September 19 to discuss the county's trash proposal plan. The attendance was much lighter with only about 50 residents on hand. There was neither strong support nor opposition voiced regarding the county's proposal. The mood at this meeting can be described as rather bland. Some of the points made by those who spoke are as follows:

1. The meeting was not very well publicized

2. The County will need more trash districts than they are proposing

3. Why is it that the County Council voted unanimous (7-0) to implement the trash proposal on behalf of the entire county while subdivision trustee directors cannot act on behalf of all of the residents of their respective subdivisions?

Greg Porter, Chairman for the North St. Louis County Problem Solving Committee presented the following questions concerning Opt-Out Options for subdivisions on behalf of Dr. Jerry Eichholz, Treasurer for Paddock Forest, who was unable to attend:

1. To whom do subdivisions file an exemption from the contract actions of the county?

2. What is acceptable as demonstrating proof that more than two thirds of the subdivision property owners prefer to contract for services on their own without the support of county government?

3. To whom do the declaration, certification, and qualification go and what is the timeframe for the county to advertise for any specific district contract?

4. How much lead time will subdivisions be given to complete the required hoops before the county will advertise for any specific district contracts?

For those who were unable to attend one of the first two forums, we would strongly encourage your attendance at the final forum to hear first-hand from the county about the trash district proposal and to learn more about your options concerning this controversial issue.

As reported on KMOX Radio on September 12, there is a very large turnout expected at this final forum (Sept. 24) with an attendance in excess of 500 residents. This was projected by a South County resident who spoke at the first meeting held in North County.

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  1. Ridgemoor Place Subdivision1:00 PM

    Please be advised that I am against losing control of my hauling service. I am a trustee for Ridgemoor Place Subdivision and the overwhelming response has been negative against the proposal. The three questions on the questionaire are as follows:

    1) Overall service I receive from my trash hauler is=EXCELLENT!

    2) Given a chance to vote on the county's proposed new system I would=vote AGAINST!

    3) Do you believe that there should be a referendum to vote for or against the County's Trash System proposal=YES