Friday, August 10, 2007

Opposition Continues for Trash Hauling Proposition

Despite outspoken opposition from thousands of south county residents, a task force of St. Louis County officials said there is merit to forming more than 20 trash districts in unincorporated areas during 2008 and 2009.

The plan will remove residents' right to choose their own trash hauler and transfer that responsibility to the County Council.

South County residents continued their opposition at a meeting on August 9 with the Tesson Ferry Township Republican Club meeting. John Campisi, Councilman in the 6th district, says he is against the plan. He said he voted for the trash district plan last December but claims he was misled by former 3rd District Councilman, Skip Mange, R-Town and Country.

In response to the criticism, County Executive, Charlie Dooley, implemented a task force in April to further study the ordinance approved in December. The task force is headed by Chief Operating Officer, Garry Earls, concluded recently that the trash district plan should be carried out in phases.

Items acted upon by the task force include the following.
  • Establishing a trash-service fund to offset costs including payments to trash haulers.
  • Formation of a Trash Service Commission to provide citizen input and advice.
  • Concluded that county officials should establish a district boundary map and request for proposals and standard contract for services by December.
  • Advertising for two trash district contracts by February 2008, advertising four more district contracts by August 2008 and awarding contracts to all districts by January 2009.
  • Phasing in the implementation to identify problems and better learn the process.
  • Start the plan in North County since many south county residents are skeptical of the plan.

The task force stated that south county citizens appear highly energized and opposed to the plan.

Each contract would call for a minimum of one trash pickup and recycling and two bulk waste pickups each year.

The task force feels that while some rates may rise for certain customers, its overall benefits will far outweigh any cost increases. They feel more efficient trash collection and more uniform prices far outweigh any cost increases.

For a copy of the St. Louis County Trash Development Report, go to:

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  1. Anonymous10:46 PM

    I feel most people in the country recognize the importance of this plan, but there's no question that it will come at a higher cost for many. The question is, how much higher? Residents may pay 10%-20% higher, but will they pay 50%. BUT . . some may be paying less.

    We've heard that residents in North County pay somewhat more than residents in South County. Sorry, but South County resident may just be doing a better job of negotiating their costs with the trash haulers. North County residents - and trustees - need to get to work.

  2. Anonymous9:05 PM

    I have had it with the intrusions by government into our daily lives. This trash plan is a disaster. It's time to sign a petition to recall the entire lot of these unresponsive politicians. I WANT THIS STOPPED. I am ready to contribute money, time and my votes to rid us of these tyrants in Clayton.

  3. arym@sbcglobal.net11:39 AM

    I think St Louis County is going
    too far. I think when election time comes we need to make some changes. I am not happy at all.

    Follow the money.